Bastogne 2004

Commemorations - Battle in the Ardennes

Throughout the weekend one could find many men in authentic uniforms in and around Bastogne. The city was brought back to the war years with men wearing all different kinds of allied uniforms and carrying all sorts of weapons.

Reenactment paratroopers
Men reenacting a squad paratroopers of the 506th PIR are standing in front of the Sherman tank on the Mc Auliffe square.

Mc Auliffe monument
A paratrooper next to the monument for general Mc Auliffe, the American commander that lead the defense of Bastogne during the battle of the bulge.

A veteran and reenactment soldiers
Men in authentic uniforms talking with one of the American veterans. The men are wearing sheets over their uniforms as improvised snow camouflage as the soldiers did during the battle sixty years earlier.

Reenactment paratroopers
Men in authentic uniforms reenacting a squad from the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division.

Medics taking care of a wounded soldier

Allied jeeps and trucks gathered at Vaux-sur-Sure on Sunday the 19th.

All the above pictures where made by the webmaster.


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