Bastogne 2004

Commemorations - Battle in the Ardennes

On december 16 2004, 300 vehicles drove through the centre of Bastogne. Men in authentic uniforms accompanied the vehicles. It was an impressive sight in the small streets of Bastogne.

Sherman tank
Supporting soldiers of the armoured division standing on the tank wearing M1 jackets and soldiers in overcoats walking next to the tank.

Tanks in the street
Tanks rolling down the main street.

Sherman tank
Men of an armoured division and paratroopers sitting on top of a Sherman tank.

Soldiers in winter camouflage sitting on a light US M5 Stuart tank

Wreathlaying by Belgian veterans
On the morning of Sunday 19th December Belgian veterans commemorate their fallen commrates and the civilians of Bastogne that lost their lives during the war.

All the above pictures where made by the webmaster.


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