Bastogne - Historical center


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A new museum will open in March 2014 next to the Mardasson Memorial. See their website for the latest information.

The sherman tank in front of the museumThe museum has the shape of a star and is located next to the Mardasson Memorial. If you want to get a good impression of the events that happened during the battle of the bulge then you must definitly visit this museum. Bastogne is famous for it's encirclement during the battle of the bulge. The 101st Airborne Division was surrounded for several days by the German advancing forces. The third army by George Patton broke through the German lines and thus ended the siege. The museum focuses on the encirclement of Bastogne but it also provides the visitor with a larger picture of the battle.
Some of the uniforms in the museums are very rare, although it does seem that they used some repro items to complete some of the uniforms. The models are impressive and look very real, also the several generals in their original uniforms. Don't simply walk through the museum but take your time and also view the movies in the museum.

The M10 Tank destroyer. the British called this the Achilles tank.

The German Hetzer tank destroyer.

The opening days and hours indicated on this website may be outdated. Always check with the museums yourself before you plan a visit.

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