Battle of the bulge - then and now

Veteran stories and monuments

On On December 16 1944 the Germans launched their last offensive in Western Europe. It took the Allied commanders by complete suprise and with help from the bad weather the Germans were able to penetrate deep into the thinly spread American lines. On this website you will find a short history of that campaign, illustrated by stories from the veterans that where there in that cold winter in 1944. The website also provides information on the monuments and museums that commemorate this dark period in the Belgian history. Since I myself am a collector of world war two artifacts you can also find an impression of my collection on this website.

70th commemoration - december 2014

In december 2014 it is 70 years after one of the last German offensives during wwii. When more information is available about the 70th commemoration then we will provide an overview on this website.

08-03-2014: First patrol - Peter House, 590 FA, A Battery, 106st Infantry Division

30-07-2015: Redesign

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